Movie Review: THE HALLOW


I went into The Hallow (directed by Corin Hardy, written by Hardy and Felipe Marino) with no prior knowledge of the movie: like most people who want to form their own opinions, I generally avoid advance reviews, features, or cast and crew interviews.  All I had for this one was the movie poster and the fact that it won some kind of horror movie competition, beating out the likes of It Follows, a movie with a premise I loved, but felt was otherwise mediocre.  I’d never heard of Hardy before, and had no idea who was in it, so I was definitely flying blind.

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Movie Review: HONEYMOON


One of Honeymoon’s major elements had me thinking about it the same way I’ve thought about the superhero blockbusters of recent years, namely, Americans played by British actors.  Spider Man’s last two actors have been Brits, Dr. Strange, Superman, etc.  Is it that these actors are any better than people you could find in the US?  Or is it that they’re cheaper to hire?  In Honeymoon, the two lead roles of American newlyweds are played by Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie, and Harry Treadaway, from Penny Dreadful. Continue reading “Movie Review: HONEYMOON”