Movie Review: THE ENDLESS – an ambitious story hamstrung by budget and self-indulgence

Right off the bat, I’ll start by saying that not only am I a fan of the writing/directing team of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, I also predict they’re going to be big in the near future, whether that’s by continuing to make a name for themselves in the world of weird horror, or by succumbing to big money studio deals – and regardless of what I think of their newest movie The Endless.  I urge you to seek out their previous two features, Resolution and Spring, and feel free to check out my spoiler free reviews before or after if you do.  You’ll definitely want to see Resolution before The Endless, however.

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Movie Review: V/H/S VIRAL – third in the series proves the law of diminishing returns is alive and well

VHS Viral

There are two reasons I watched V/H/S Viral, despite its lousy ratings: one being I’ve already watched the first two, so why not, and the other being that it contains a segment by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who wrote and directed the movies Resolution and Spring, both of which I rated highly.  Before I dig in, I’ll say that I’m likely not alone in thinking the series is hit or miss – and I guess when you’re working in an anthology format, with all different creators, it’s going to happen.  I mostly enjoyed the first movie, and the second one was notable only for the death-cult segment, Safe Haven.  Unfortunately, V/H/S Viral proves true the law of diminishing returns.  Continue reading “Movie Review: V/H/S VIRAL – third in the series proves the law of diminishing returns is alive and well”

Movie Review: RESOLUTION


Spurred on by Spring, one of the best movies I’ve watched recently, I wanted to see if it marked an evolution in form and style on the part of moviemakers Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson by catching up on their 2012 feature debut Resolution.  Ostensibly billed as a “horror” movie, it has less in common with the genre than that – it’s more of a mystery movie than anything else, and it’s a good one. Unfortunately, both movie posters I’ve seen (including the one I chose) do the movie a huge disservice. Continue reading “Movie Review: RESOLUTION”

Movie Review: SPRING


It’s not often that a movie comes along and creates its own genre.  Spring, written by Justin Benson and directed by Benson and Aaron Moorhead (who also created the Bonestorm segment of V/H/S Viral, actually does just that: RomHor!  Does that sound dumb or overhyped?  Probably both, but I feel it’s true.  I’ve seen many a romantic drama, and many a horror movie, and this is absolutely a successful fusion of both in that neither element feels half assed.  The movie poster describes it as Richard Linklater meets HP Lovecraft – not a terrible mashup, but not completely accurate, to me anyway.  This is clearly the movie that Benson and Moorhead set out to make, and I mostly liked it.

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