Hi there! I’m Andrew Hope and I like to write.  Currently living in St. Paul, Minnesota with my wife, Becky, I’m originally from Glasgow, Scotland, and although I’ve lived in the US for half my life, I still consider myself a Glaswegian through and through and lifelong fan of Glasgow Rangers!.

My small claims to fame are that I drew one of comic book superstar (and all-round nice guy) Mark Millar‘s first comic books, named The Shadowmen, for Trident Comics


and wrote Fantomex Max, for Marvel Comics, the first love of my life.


My preferred disciplines are screenwriting, and long- and short-form “Weird” fiction.  The biggest influences on my work are (in ascending order) early Clive Barker (Hellraiser, The Books of Blood), Ramsey Campbell (Demons by Daylight, The Doll Who Ate His Mother), and the master, H.P. Lovecraft.

I am the author of two horror anthologies on amazon – HEAL THYSELF,

Heal Thyself Cover

which features three stories of time travel gone horribly, intimately wrong, and PLAYLIST vol.1,

Playlist Cover

5 stories that use the names of song titles you may know. Please heads to Amazon and if you like what you see, please buy them and leave reviews on Amazon, and! 

Thanks for stopping by, and please continue to do so as the content grows!

6 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT ME!

  1. Love Your Films

    You have great content. I’d love to share reviews and opinions on each other’s site if you’d be interested. Let me know



      I think I’m interested … have to say, I’m a complete n00b at this blogging stuff, so thanks so much for the nice words. We should discuss more about this whole sharing thing – I have no idea what it would entail. 🙂


  2. Gill

    Christ, it’s amazing who you find on the internet these days. I was the wee lassie who used to pop into AKA every Saturday to pick up my next Star Trek book and bag full of comics. I did a few shifts behind the till, sometimes went for curry and beer after closing with you, Steve, Pete and John. Do you remember going to see a really shitty sci-fi movie called ‘Slipstream’ with me in 1989, because I do :-). I always wondered what happened to you after you decided not to come back from your holiday to the US. Glad to see you’re doing so well.



      We also went to see Phantasm 2, Young Guns … I think Die Hard also. I also recall we went to Pizza Hut across from the Cannon on Sauchiehall St and I vomited on the table. I’ll be offended if you don’t remember THAT! How are you doing now?


      1. Gill

        I’m sorry to say I only vaguely remember the pizza puking incident :-). In my defense, it *was* a gazillion years ago. I’m doing good, but like you, have long since decamped from the mother country. I’ve been in Calgary in Canada since 2003. If you’d like to chat, you can email me at sionevar at yahoo dot com.


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