Movie Review: LIFE – shameless A L I E N ripoff, with characters acting so stupidly you’d think you were watching Prometheus.

Dumb movies are everywhere, it’s a sad fact.  In many cases, the box office reflects it (the recent flop known as Baywatch, for example), because the trailers are completely crap.  Other terrible movies will make a pile of money theatrically because of gee-whizz CGI, like the punishing Transformers series, but those kinds of movies tap into a different kind of vibe.  Sometimes people just want a burger and fries, and don’t care about the content.  While the Transformers movies are not my thing, I’ve had a burger myself a time or two, so I understand the appeal.  But what if you’re not trying to make $1 billion at the box office?  What if you’re trying to make a horror movie to do business in the $150M – $350M range?

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Movie Review: THE VOICES


Few movies are so inconsistent in tone that I’m compelled to comment about that one aspect, but such is The Voices, staring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Self/Less), Gemma Arterton (Byzantium), and Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air, Pitch Perfect).  I stumbled across this the other week, and was intrigued by the premise, and the fact it seemed like an odd choice for Reynolds, whom I consider a solid lead actor.  The poster itself sets up a quirky, offbeat black comedy, but like many posters that try to sell a different kind of product to the public, this one is grossly misleading.

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Movie Review: SELF/LESS


You know that recent movie with Ryan Reynolds where a character is dying of cancer, but calls a mysterious phone number because it comes with a promise to save his life?  Oh no, I don’t mean that Ryan Reynolds movie (Deadpool, just in case you’ve been living under rock in 2016), I’m talking about Self/Less!  Here, Ben Kingsley (Ghandi, Iron Man 3) plays Damian Hale, the afflicted character whose cancer is the plot driver, and Reynolds is the focus of the plot from the end of act 1 onward.

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Movie Review: DEADPOOL


Not usually one for going to opening weekends for movies, I attended last night’s showing of Deadpool while visiting Iowa. As I silently predicted, the seats were rubbish. With it projected to do $117 million this weekend, and a strong rating on the tomatometer, getting to the movie – even the 9:45pm showing – 10 minutes before it started was always going to be tough. So yeah, crap seats – but actually, a decent audience. Continue reading “Movie Review: DEADPOOL”