Movie Review: RITUAL – indie horror that’s long on talk, but worth watching.


Finally got around to watching Mickey Keating’s Ritual last night – have a look at my reviews of his other movies (Carnage Park, Darling, Pod) if the mood grabs you.  If you do, you’ll find I’m mostly a fan of his work – I’m appreciative of how prolific he is too.  In terms of movie production, the only person I can think of who is that busy is Clint Eastwood.  It took me a while to find this movie, and although I generally avoid reading other people’s reviews, I was unlucky enough to stumble across a number of negative ratings on the web.  I’m not exactly sure why.

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midnight special

I kicked myself for missing this back when it was first released in March – I’d heard good stuff about it, and just the simple plotline I’d heard from a colleague intrigued me.  But I left it too late – it was gone within two weeks.  Fortunately, as I was browsing for something to review, I stumbled upon it last night, and was happy I did. Continue reading “Movie Review: MIDNIGHT SPECIAL”