when animals

I’m quite fond of foreign language horror movies.  Mostly, they haven’t succumbed to the slick move toward PG-13 irrelevance, which isn’t to say an R (or 18) rated movie is full of blood and guts and everything that’s superficial about the genre.  No, I’m mostly talking about the fact that character-driven stories are the keys to good horror.  I know, I know, many people are all about the serial murders of a youthful cast within 120 minutes.  Whatever floats your boat, I won’t judge.  Especially because my own character-driven snobbery doesn’t necessarily produce great movies either.

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Movie Review: BASKIN


Rarely do I ever get so annoyed and angry about one facet of a movie that it threatens to retroactively derail my enjoyment of the rest of it.  Hell, I loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens, despite the screenplay being nothing but a Greatest Hits reel of A New Hope.  When it comes to Baskin, I wasn’t pushed over that precipice, but I admit I came fairly close.

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